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The first International Caricature Portrait Festival (  fcw 2017/7/14
9th International Onal Eskisehir Cartoon Festival  fcw 2016/10/23
The Third International Grand Award Of Down With Usa  fcw 2016/10/21
International Secac Cartoon Contest Indonesia 2016  fcw 2016/10/16
The 2nd Of International Cartoon Festival Kosovo 2016  fcw 2016/10/15
The 7th International Cartoon Contest Molla Nasreddin   fcw 2016/10/15
International Cartoon Contest of Anti-Corruption  fcw 2016/10/1
International Satirical Picture Competition &#8222  fcw 2016/9/30
The 4th International Cartoon & Caricature Festiva  fcw 2016/9/20
8th Iinternational Cartoon Contest Iinternational Fest  fcw 2016/9/18
5th Sejong International Cartoon Contest  fcw 2016/8/31
The 4th International Cartoon & Caricature Festiva  fcw 2016/8/31
11th Biennial International Cartoon Contest-Slovakia/2  fcw 2016/8/26
5th Cartoon Contest Sinaloa  fcw 2016/8/7
XXI Diógenes Taborda  fcw 2016/8/5
12 International Cartoon Festival Solin 2016 - Croatia  fcw 2016/8/1
The Third Yola International Design Contest -2016  fcw 2016/7/31
2nd Salzburg Competition  fcw 2016/7/31
The 5th international competition Lebanese Award   fcw 2016/7/25
36th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest-Tur  fcw 2016/7/20
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