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International Tourism Cartoon Contest

Author:fcw  Date:2011/2/13


2. International Tourism Cartoon Contest

Anadolu University Cartoon Art Research and Application Center,
 (TUYED) Tourism Writers and Journalists Association and Anatolia:
 Journal of Tourism Studies in collaboration second  International Tourism cartoon
Contest with 185 cartoonists from 42 countries participated with 404 works
Prof. Atila OZER, Doc. Dr. Nazmi Kozak, Hacızade Day (Azerbaijan), Hussein LIGHTER (Cyprus), Yoshiaki Yokota (Japan), Eray �zbek, Nezih Danyal, Bulent STEEL, Fehmi K�FTEOĞLU, and Osman Nihat AYDOĞAN'dan are selection committee
in February 10, 2011.

First prize: Mehmet Kahraman/Turkey

Second Prize :Alexei KUSTOVSKY/Ukraine

Third Prize:Ross Thomson/UK

 Five honorable mentions
Gerhard GEPP/ Austria
Stefan DESPODOV/Bulgaria
, Shahram Rezaei Iran

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