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Winners Of 33rd Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Contest -2016

Author:fcw  Date:2016/7/15

33. Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Contest
1.-Inch Outlet / first prize:Marco De Angelis / Italy
33. Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Contest winners:
Selective Board, first place in the contest, Marco De Angelis (Italy), "second place" Cau Claudio Antonio Gomes (Brazil),third place (Turkey)'  Dogan Arslan 
Selective board also; Oktay Bingol (Turkey), Vitaly Bondar (White Russian), Evzen David (Czech Republic), Hicabi Demirci (Turkey), "Feggo" Felipe Galindo (America), Rodrigo Machado and Rosa (Brazil), Raimundo Rucke Santos Souza (Brazil), Arif Sutristanto (Indonesia), Jugoslav Vlahovic (Serbia), Kursat time (Turkey), Nahid Zamani (Iran), Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz (Poland)' 

first place in the contest, Marco De Angelis (Italy)

second place: Cau Claudio Antonio Gomes (Brazil)

third place (Turkey),  Dogan Arslan

4-Emrah ARIKAN-Turkey

5-Arif Sutristand Tanto-Indonesia

6-Felibe Galindo Feggo-ABD

7-Kursat Zaman-Turkey

8-Hicabi Demirci-Turkey

9-Oktay ingol-Turkey

10-Zamani Nahid-Iran

11-Rodrigo Machado Da Rosa-Brazil

12-Raimundo Rucko Santos Souza-Brazil

13-Jugoslav Vlahovic-Serbia

14-Vitaly Bondar-Belarus

15-ZyGmunt Zaradklewicz-Poland

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