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The 4th International Cartoon & Caricature Festival Of Resistance-2016

Author:fcw  Date:2016/9/20
Conditions of Participation:
- Participation is free for all the artists
- Each participant can send maximum 10 artworks
- Artworks must have been created from 2014 till now and has not been accepted in the past periods of Resist Art contests.
- In this field artworks must be done digitally.
- Must Send His (Full Name, Post Address, Email Address, Phone Number) Via Word File.
- Digital artworks have to be JPG format, minimum 2000 pixel and 300 DPI
- The organizers of the contest are allowed to use the artworks for exhibition, publication in books and other items of publication, advertising, websites and ... by the name of artist.
- All Participants that their cartoons & caricatures Publish in Catalogue Will Receive One Catalogue.
- A certification will be given to all participants that their artworks entered to exhibition.
- Decision making about unexpected issues will be by the secretary general of the contest.
Cartoon Section:
ISIS(Terrorism), Palestine or Gaza,USArmy
Caricature Section:
Obama, Netanyahu, Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi,king Salman
First Winner in each section: 25 million Rials (750$), Trophy and Honorable Mention
Second Winner in each section: 20 million Rials (600$), Trophy and Honorable Mention
Third Winner in each section: 10 million Rials (300$), Trophy and Honorable Mention
Two next winner artists : Each one 5 million Rials (150$)
Executive Calendar:
Deadline : Sep,20,2016
First judgment and announcement for sending the original artworks: 7th September 2016
Sending original artworks:10-26 September 2016
Judgement for participation in exhibition: 27th September to 6th October 2016
Last judgement : November 2016
Time of contest organization: 21st November to 20th December 2016
Phone and Fax: +98 21 88 91 12 14, + 98 21 88 91 12 15
Website: www.resistart.ir
Email Address: art@resistart.ir


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